Beneath it All is the Creative Spirit

Beneath all the creativity tools, tips, techniques, methodologies and process lies the human spirit; incomplete, seeking satisfaction and connection.  Its impulse to meet needs drives a search for new ideas, new decisions and new actions.

Creativityland works with the creative human spirit, opening doors to broader perception and deeper insight from which breakthroughs emerge.

We created, subscribe to and update this Participants’ Bill of Rights

  • The Right to take part in ways that are comfortable
  • The Right to give from my knowledge, experience, ability and energy in natural ways
  • The Right to articulate what I need to be at my creative best
  • The Right to be spoken to in language I understand
  • The Right to have an insight
  • The Right to be educated in ways that support my active participation
  • The Right to be challenged to use my capacities
  • The Right to be supported, encouraged, involved, engaged, valued
  • The Right to an environment that contributes to my health

We have experience with what goes on beneath and offer ways to discipline creative spirit to be accessible,  available for use.