What’s next for idea generating with multitasking on the rise?


What a combo - FUTAB
What a combo – FUTAB (Photo credit: Chapendra)

How might the face of idea generating and facilitated creativity and innovation sessions change with TV multitasking is on the rise?


A recent report from the Multimedia Research Group says  watching TV has become a hot topic within the TV entertainment industry.  Everyone is seeking to understand how we will use our second-screen devices and especially how they will be used in relation to the TV programs we are watching.


What I want to know is, now that so many people have smart phones and tablets, how might being accustomed to being constantly connected and active influence the ways face-to-face meetings are conducted, led, and experienced?


How might creativity facilitators, innovation sparkers, coaches, classroom teachers, leaders, managers etc manage expectations and engage people who continually confer with their ‘devices’?  There’s a dopamine release using these (see Brains, dopamine and gadgets: are facilitation and leadership practices changing?) so the ‘hit’ expectation is already in place, and, according to this Multimedia Research group report, on the rise while watching tv.  My experience is its happening elsewhere as well – at conferences, for example. The behaviour cannot not spread and spill into other areas.



The barn door is open. Behaviours are in place.  What’s the next step, eh?


Marci Segal, MS

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