What’s the best question you ever asked?

question-markjpgJust wondering.  I’m speaking at conference of Personality Dimensions users this afternoon and thinking about opening my session with one of these questions.  I’m not sure how they might show the differences in creativity from a styles perspective, they might.

  1. What’s the best question you’ve ever been asked to respond to?
  2. What’s the best question you ever asked?

Here are my responses:

Dr. William Engelbrecht gave the best archeology exam when I was in university.  He told us what was found at a dig in different layers.  Our test was to create a theory about the people who lived there over the years. I loved it this exam, and told him so as I left the room after composing one.

A few years ago when I met Dr. Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist of NASA at a conference,  I asked him, “What assumptions are we making that if they were proven false would totally alter the way we operate?” He smiled and said, “that is a very good question.”  We talked for some time following.

How about you?  What are your best question experiences? What questions are you glad you asked and what questions are you glad you were asked?  Just wondering…