Tired of pushing buttons? Why not tap your palms?

Carnegie Melon PhD Candidate Chris Harrison and team developed a technology so you don’t have to write with ink on your palm to remember phone numbers, or to find your digital device to place a call.

Skinput works by tapping your skin to control digital devices like MP3 players and cellphones, and even to play games. Watch the video – this is real.

Imagine this becomes the new technology – what might the implications be?

  • In society – schools, families, health practitioners and care givers
  • For future technologies – what extensions of this technology can you imagine?
  • For the environment – resource use, ecological footprints
  • For business and the economy – who stands to gain, who stands to lose, how might they innovate?
  • For politics – what if security scanners at airports couldn’t detect these?
  • For people that practice Emotional Freedom Technique?  They use tapping as a healing approach…

For further information:  Carnegie Mellon University, Skinput

News source:  Futurist Magazine, July-August, 2010.  www.wfs.org