The future we’re moving toward? 2 min video and questions

The opening slate to "The Future Of..."
Inventor, author, futurist Ray Kurzweil maps  SIX EPOCHS OF EVOLUTION  – how the universe stored and processed information over time within each epoch and how that changed. For the epoch coming up, he says technology and intelligence will merge (this bit is already in motion) and merge also with all the matter in the universe.
Jason Silva does a great job summarizing the Six Epochs in a video less than 2 minutes long (below). For a little brain stretch, after viewing the video try Today’s Questions on for size.

Today’s Questions

  • What do you think?  How do you feel? In your estimation, is this the future we’re collectively moving toward?
  • How does knowing this theory (knowing it does not mean you have to subscribe to it) help you to understand more about creativity and innovation?
  • What clues does the Six Epoch theory give you about where to go for new ideas, what to use as criteria for new decisions and motivations for new actions? (that’s my personal definition of creativity – new ideas, new decisions, new actions)
  • In what ways might you be contributing to/working against how the 6th Epoch will emerge, even if in a very small way?
  • How might you align with this future or influence a different future to emerge?
  • What new decisions are you able to consider now, after having seen the clip?

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