How to Free Your Innate Creativity

We need to be in the right emotional state in order to be creative — brain functioning affects creativity and how we feel affects brain functioning. But unfortunately, that’s easier said than done in today’s workplace. Here are pointers to stop the swirl of cynicism and negativity – ones that focus on you taking better […]

The influence of time on creativity – great short video – shows time is a creativity tool

It’s worth the two minutes to see the effect of time on creativity.  If you let it, this video can spark new thinking about why you might want to encourage, support, and welcome creativity and creativity thinking day-to-day wherever you are. Nice thought piece for World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 -21.  Maybe by […]

Creativity Wheel – Assess your creativity capacities for #WCIW

I like this graphic because it highlights the ‘people’ side of creativity – feelings, actions, and behaviours. When coupled with different tools and techniques, new ideas, new decisions and new actions are very close indeed. Want to assess your creative capability during World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21? Plot yourself, and perhaps […]

Compassion Means Collaboration [We Really Are in it Together]

What it would look like if we took collaboration to the nth degree? Do you think we’d find continual compassion? Is  technology growing to the extent that we won’t have a choice but to be compassionate? How might that affect our creativity?  What’s your take? Marci Segal Freeing leaders thinking so they can create new […]

Stanford’s Crash Course on Creativity – Week 1 – Reprise

Tina Seelig’s TedxStandford talk is worth the watch. Points from the presentation that I like include: Challenge your assumptions to come up with new ideas. Where is there value in things you don’t value? Trash can contents, for example, what gems or potentials might you find there? To gain knowledge, pay attention to the world […]

Looking to engage office creativity? Eliminate psychological harassment

Wonder why people aren’t engaged when asked for creative ideas ?  Could be that there’s some psychological harassment going on. If people you work with behave as in the list below, you can bet that there are interpersonal factors that block to allow free thinking and new ideas. Make rude, degrading or offensive remarks Act […]

Creativity and Innovation: What’s Style Got to Do with It (and does it matter)?

I was invited to speak at the CHRA conference in historic and beautiful Quebec City, Canada. The gathering of Human Resources professionals occurs annually in the fall with hundreds of people in attendance. It was an honour to be asked and a delight to participate. In addition to the giving an interactive 90-minute presentation on […]

Social experiment on conformity – can people conform to using creative thinking tools?

Watch this 2-minute clip and then think – what if some leaders in our organization began to use creative thinking tools regularly in meetings? Do you suppose others would conform to the practice? Enjoy   sourced from: The Psychology of Conformity from the Atlantic Magazine online