Fostering creativity – a ppt from Tudor Rickards

Here’s an intro ppt to creativity from one of the giants in the field –  Tudor Rickards.  It’s a good reference for creativity professionals to view as a basic understanding of research in the field. Rickards is an author on creativity and leadership in business and management, and is based at Manchester Business School in […]

Did You Know…why creativity is important for leaders and managers

Organizations that win/create the future are rebels and subversives. They break rules, they cheat. (Gary Hamel, Competing for the Future, 1994). They use creative thinking processes and behaviors to invent exciting futures that are not extrapolations from the past. These three videos peak at what is happening outside of your pc, your household, your company, […]

Do incentives work to motivate creativity? Dan Pink says no.

Are you a manager or leader for innovation? Pay heed. The world of working is changing in another brand new way. Dan Pink provides researched evidence that shows incentives demotivate rather than encourage new thinking. So, how might you engage people’s curiosity and participation to break free from patterned responses to invent exciting new futures […]

Images on the rise…shape of reporting and policies to come?

Powerpoint shows are no longer decks of data and words. Images are on the rise. Right brain engagement (images, gestalt) is surpassing left brain (written words, sequential) dominance. This is occurring in newspapers too. This clip from a recent Wired magazine article may foretell the future direction for of newspaper reporting content. Imagine this is […]

Worker's creativity valuable to economy: research from Martin Prosperity Institute

For years we’ve been doing our best to show how creativity is important to people’s businesses and lives.  Wouldn’t you know that it takes economists to do this? The Martin Prosperity Institute, including Roger Martin and Richard Florida, is doing its best to support creativity as economically valuable, step-by-step. It’s indirect now. The report released […]

Authentic Workplaces for Creativity

Is your workplace authentically creative?  How can you tell? People ask why organizations resist creativity and I’m thinking it’s because they don’t know how to embrace it. Many people in organizations are unaware of the behaviours, actions, and leadership required to instill and support the creative spirit at work which could have a negative impact […]

When leading innovation, does the male/female ratio count?

I’m not sure, though it’s likely. It’s a question I’ll be putting forward at the International Society for Professionals in Innovation ( conference in Bilbao, Spain in a few days. Here’s the story. We developed a program called Passport to Innovation® several years ago.  Over time it instills an innovation mindset throughout an organization while […]

What does creativity mean to you, your boss, your clients?

The chart below, drawn from research done by the American Association of School Administrators and Americans for the Arts, shows the difference between how employers and school superintendents interpret what creativity means. How do you understand creativity?  Is it the same understanding as that of your colleagues, friends, customers? Does it matter?  What if it […]

Organizations don't need creative leaders, they need ways to channel creativity

Innosight Venture’s Scott Anthony comments on the recent IBM CEO study in a Harvard Business Review blog post, “Are You Tapping Your Creativity Capacity?” He says it’s not about the leader’s creativity, it’s about the organizational support for creativity, creative thinking and creative behaving. (see NIND blog post Creativity named #1 leadership skill for CEO’s) […]