Planning your future strategy? People will be immortal. Consider that.

Raymond Kurzweil, an American academicand author.
Raymond Kurzweil, an American academicand author. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ray Kurzweil, a world-renowned scientist and author of The Singularity is Near, thinks the world as we know it will be unrecognizable in 20 years.  Our phones do things today that were unimaginable 20 years ago, so why not?  What we know about technology and about the body continue to increase, and so, he says, one possible change is for scientists to crack immortality.

“I and many other scientists now believe that in around 20 years we will have the means to reprogramme our bodies’ stone-age software so we can halt, then reverse, aging,” he writes in The Sun. “Then nanotechnology will let us live forever. Ultimately, nanobots will replace blood cells and do their work thousands of times more effectively.”

See the Business Insider article here.

Other Changes Going On

More and more clients request facilitation and competency-development in skills, practices and systems that enable transformation.  My work helps leaders keep their knees bent, as if they are surfing and want to stay afloat as conditions change.   Creative thinking methods and tools together with future studies and knowledge of the human dynamics and systems of creation informs the approach. Would I have been able to say that 30 years ago? Hm, I didn’t know the possibility to do that existed.

Maybe the immortality Kurzweil is writing about is worthy of consideration.  So, in what ways might you innovate anticipating yours and your customers immortality, hm?

Marci Segal

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