Imagination Triggers


Einstein’s most often quote “imagination is more important than knowledge” is partially true. Both are important at different times as appropriate. Balance is good.

I didn’t know what imagination was when growing up, I’d ask what it is and teachers would say, just pretend.  “Pretend what?” I’d reply.  So, I did some research and found this in Webster’s dictionary.

Imagination is a function of memory, and there are two kinds: reproductive and productive.  Reproductive reproduces experiences from the past, productive puts two things together that haven’t in experience, been put together before (as in the photo).

Rob Brezny’s Freewill Astrology column provides clues for stirring imagination – both reproductive and productive. Below is an adaptation of some of the copy.  Works for me.

When one’s imagination cannot provide an answer, one must turn to a greater imagination.

Imagination triggers

  • Are you doing the work you love? Are you engaged in ongoing efforts to transform your darkness? Do you practice compassion with wit and style? Are you saving the world in some way? Are you skilled at taking care of yourself? Define your ideal human.
  • Circle back and reclaim an early part of you that got lost along the way.
  • Avoid attacking a small problem in a way that causes a bigger problem.  Don’t seek a quick fix that causes a complicated mess.
  • Take some original creation you really like, and add a shot of your own unique approach to generate a completely new thing.
  • If you feel the itch to tell friends and loved ones that they should be different from how they actually are, stop and ask yourself whether maybe you should transform yourself instead.
  • Think big and dream of accomplishing amazing feats, and respect your limitations. Feats first.

Make sure to check out Imagine it Project ( to view inspiring imagination statements from world leaders.  Great clips.