How do Creativity Facilitators Need to Behave? A checklist of sorts

Oh, Mabel Behave
Oh, Mabel Behave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every so often for a break I clean out files.  Here’s today’s find, a gem. Questions for people in helping roles to consider (adapted from Fundamentals of Counseling Shertzer and Stone, 1974 p.8).

What if these are questions are for creativity facilitators as well.  You think?  Should they be?

  • Can I behave in some way which will be perceived by the other person as trustworthy, dependable, or consistent?
  • Can I be expressive enough so that I will communicate unambiguously?
  • Can I let myself experience positive attitudes towards the people I’m working with – warmth, caring, liking, interest and respect?
  • Can I be strong enough as a person to be separate from the group and not own their content?
  • Am I secure enough to permit others’ their unique identities and not try to force my will on them?
  • Can I let myself enter fully into the world of the others’ feelings and personal meanings and see them as they do?
  • Can I receive people as they are?  Can I communicate this attitude?
  • Can I act with sufficient sensitivity in the relationship that my behaviour will not be perceived of as a threat?
  • Can I free others from the threat of external evaluation?
  • Can I meet this group or person as people who are in the process of creating something new and not be bound by their past and by my past?

Do you feel it’s important for creativity facilitators to ascribe to a code of behaviour? Just wondering…


Marci Segal, MS, Creativity and Change Leadership; Freeing leaders’ thinking so they can create new futures; Founder and Steward, World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21. Speaker, facilitator, author.  Executive team building, innovation programs.