Food rant, it's a quality-brand-innovation thing.

I received a Kraft Thinsations® sample this morning on the subway.  100 calories!!

The ingredients: enriched white flour, sugar, soybean oil and hydrogenated cottonseed oil, fudge coating (sugar, palm kernel and palm oils, modified milk ingredients, cocoa, soya lecithin, flavour), semi-sweet chocolate chips (sugar, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, flavour), dextrose, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium phosphate, caramel colour, artificial flavour. IL#A5072.

Is this real food? Is there life-sustaining nutrition in these things? I wonder what motivates people who are compassionate about the lives of people on the planet to produce goods that detract from rather than contribute to physical well-being.

Are Thinsations® worth all the effort to make them?  I wonder if there may be other, more life-friendly ways to utilize the resources to produce these snacks – the people in the test kitchens and on the factory floor, the ingredients, the power used for its production – than to produce food that isn’t food at all. For 100 calorie investment, I’d rather have an apple.

You are what you eat.  Garbage in, garbage out.  Want a quality life?  Eat quality food.

Another puzzle – Thinsations®  teamed with Lulu Magazine and Winners in Toronto for consumers to win a $2500 shopping spree.  If Thinsations isn’t life-sustaining, are those other two companies?

I’m sensing great opportunities for innovation here, aren’t you?