Does engaging in innovation make people smarter?

ScienceDaily (2011-06-22) — Advanced crafting of stone spearheads contributed to the development of new ways of human thinking and behaving. The technology took a long time to acquire the reqneanderthal_redheaduired step-by-step planning and increased social interaction across the generations. This led to the human brain developing new abilities, according to archeologists. See the article: Cutting edge training developed the human brain 80,000 years ago

Advance toolmaking also required people to develop thinking skills related to creativity and innovation: divergent thinking and others including visioning, strategy, ideation, evaluation, context relevance, tactics, diplomatic, logistical.

Thoughts and Wonders

Is it possible that the age of innovation is smartening us all up?

Is it possible that some people don’t want to be smarter and that’s why they resist using creativity to advance innovation by not participating and/or rejecting new ideas?

Is it possible that some people don’t want to engage in innovation using creativity because they don’t think they are smart enough?

How is the process of innovation, invention and/or creativity linked to making people smarter from your perspective?

We’ve an 80,000 year heritage of inventing, creating, innovating.  It’s natural, like breathing, like love.  Let’s help to keep it going, in a good way.

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