Creativity: Next step in (II). Personal prep for World Creativity and Innovation Week

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With World Creativity and Innovation Week fast approaching (April 15 start – Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday) aren’t you glad you completed the first step in to tapping your creativity?

Step I focused your awareness on what might be by asking facilitative questions to set your mind free to wonder, imagine, leave the day-to-day momentarily to see a new future potential for you emerge.  You were led to consider many different topic areas (12) from which to use as a springboard to generate many different ideas of what your ideal might be. In Step II you reflect, consider and choose one to move forward with.

Mindset going in…

As a result of completing Step II you will achieve clarity for a new direction to take.  Of all the list of possibilities, wishes, challenges and new awareness’s, you will select one you really like, not one you think you should do, one that stirs your passion, your curiosity, your interest, your wonder, packed together with an openness to see it through to fruition.

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.”— E. M. Forster

“Chase your passion, not your pension.”— Denis Waitley

Step II

  1. With your list of options in front of you, weed through to select the ones that make your heart sing. Or, if you are more analytically minded, choose the ones that look interesting to pursue.
  2. Now, with a shorter list, compare each option against the others.  To make it easy, put each option on a 3×5 card.
  3. Hold two cards in front of you, and ask, if you could do one option, and only one, which would it be?  Put your first choice in one pile, and make a another pile for your second choice.
  4. Pick up two new cards and do the same thing.  If you could chose one and only one to move forward with, which would it be?  Feel free to pay attention to how you feel and factor that into your decision making.
  5. Continue through all your options until each is either in the first choice or second choice pile.
  6. Do the same process again using only your first choice pile, creating two piles as you go.
  7. Continue to use this process again, and again, until there is only one option remaining.
  8. With the final option, look at it, breathe it in.  And then forget about it.  We’ll take it next steps tomorrow.

World Creativity and Innovation Week begins April 15th, tomorrow, Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday.  Because so many people are celebrating, you cannot not be left out.  You’ll feel more creative tomorrow.  Honest.  You’ve got it in you… so you can use it, and, for this week at least, celebrate it with your family, friends and colleagues.


  • Ideas to celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21.
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