Creativity: Next step (III) World Creativity and Innovation Week personal project

This image shows a photo of different historic...
This image shows a photo of different historical petrol pumps in the "Deutsches Museum", Munich (Germany) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To recap – it’s World Creativity and Innovation Week 2011. Lot’s of changes going on (been to the gas pump lately?) resulting in uncertainties, chaos and confusion.  Amidst it all is that lingering optimistic outlook that you can make a positive difference despite all the channels that are seemingly closing.

This year’s WCIW is a time to refresh, renew, refocus, reinvigorate and reinvent.  For the past two posts, you’ve been led through a beginning process to identify a potential for you to start a new direction.

Step I – You were invited to consider new options through the lenses of 12 different doors, to select one, and to focus on and expand upon opportunities it presents for you.

Step II – You were guided to select one option from your selected door for creating your newer future.

Welcome to Step III

Mindset going in…

At the end of this stage you’ll surface and create goals, wishes and dreams from which to choose the ONE that you’ll commit to taking an action to make real.  Ready?  This is the pre-cursor to commitment. It’s important to stay open to making a change in direction and practice.

Step III

  1. Pull out the card that has your selected option from Step II.  Look at it.  Read it.  Breathe it. Imagine success in enlivening it.
  2. Use the special Step III beginning phrases to open your mind to wandering wonder to enable thinking happy and inspiring thoughts
  • Wouldn’t it be awesome if…. (then write 10 statements to finish the statement)
  • Wouldn’t it be helpful if …(10 statements here too… allow your mind to wonder and wander)
  • Wouldn’t it feel great if…(yup another 10)
  • Six months from now, when you are so pleased with the outcome, you’ll look back at today and say, I’m so glad I asked: Wouldn’t it be just right if… (another 10)

With your 40 questions intact.  Pause. Breathe. Go for a walk or do something else distracting.  It helps if it’s fun, and physical and something that you might not normally do, something different. When was the last time you drew, for example? If you are really stuck best advice is to clean out a drawer or closet. Allow yourself the luxury of time to let these incubate for a while, place them on the back burner for at least an hour, maybe overnight, whichever feels right to you.

Expect a miracle insight to occur.  We’ll craft that later on to help you create a new pathway for your evolution.

Happy World Creativity and Innovation Week – Day 3

Ideas to celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21.
Every year, everywhere, everyone.