Creativity Mindset Formula

Thinking through yesterday’s post, I was reminded of the formula Dr. Ruth Noller integrated into her teachings when I was one of her undergrads.

C=ƒa {K I E}

Creativity equals the function of an attitude multiplied by knowledge, imagination and evaluation.

Makes sense, no?

Here are two thought journeys for you.  What outcomes might you expect from both?

You are faced with a challenge to solve and:

  1. You are in a positive, open-minded inquisitively curious mood.
  2. You are in a grumpy, stubborn, anxious, disappointed mood.

How might your experience and outcome be different in one mood scenario to the next?

For references and research findings on attitude and creativity, check out the Broaden and Build Theory by Frederickson; Dan Pink’s Drive and Teresa Amabile‘s work. Feel free to suggest other resources, so we can add them.

Marci Segal, MS, Creativity and Change Leadership; Freeing leaders’ thinking so they can create new futures