Fun Failure: How to Make Learning Irresistible | MindShift

See on – Creativity and Learning InsightsFailure is a positive act of creativity,” Katie Salen said. Scientists, artists, engineers, and even entrepreneurs can advance their learning through having fun.See on Marci Segal, MS. Creativity and Change Leadership. Freeing leaders’ thinking so they can create new futures.

What ‘going viral’ looks like

As someone with a preference for information that is concrete, practical, tangible and real, I appreciate Microsoft Labs infographic and 3-minute video describing the power of social network viral: what it is, what it looks like and how to track it moving forward. (Source Fastco’s Infographic of the Day: Watch Microsoft Visualize Viral Content.) In […]

Use Flitch Meetings to Bring your Organization’s Silos Together

Flitch meetings blur boundaries between organization silos.  Strategic and brave leaders, those with an open mind to innovation and sustaining a culture that supports gaining insights and cooperation through collaboration, use them. What’s a flitch meeting?  A meeting where a problem in one area is solved by another department.  If you are looking for something […]

Is there a Drone in your future? Hints on innovating

Drones are the future says Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine and author of Makers, The Long Tail and Free: The Future of Radical a Price. The video clip below shows him talking about how easy it is to make them, so wouldn’t you think they’d proliferate over time? I’m not sure, I keep seeing […]

Collaboration Riff

Collaboration means we speak the same language. To elaborate on collaborate… Collaboration is not an aberration, it avoids misinterpretation Supports action unification and sparks good conversation Its manifestation enables creation, innovation, and desirable future cooperation. © Marci Segal, MS.  All rights reserved. January 19, 2013.     Marci Segal, MS. Creativity and Change Leadership; Freeing […]

Stanford Crash Course on Creativity – Mastering a Creative Mindset – Week 8 – and Review

This last class ended the 8-week online program with helpful creativity reminders, each a two-second soundbite. Pithy statements about innovation If anything can go wrong, fix it! Abandon paths so success can follow (leave behind what is no longer working, stick with your strengths) Every failure reveals a truth about the world Unexpected results are […]

10 jobs being automated at a surprising pace – repost from smartplanet

How fast is change happening?  Is it a threat to your work? This post from smartplanet highlights what jobs are going the way of the do-do bird, or, more aptly, it lists how robots are replacing the do-do human.  (with Homer Simpson doh-doh realization moments no doubt) Read on. There’s no question that many of […]

Global Innovation 1000 – Making Ideas Work – from Booz &Company’s R&D Report

Different people use different idea tools which relate to their task according to Booz & Company study of global R&D spending released in Strategy and Business 2012 Winter Issue. Successful innovators bring clarity to a process often described as fuzzy and vague they say. Full report here.   On another note The experience of creating […]

New US patent law comes into effect Spring 2013. How does this effect creativity?

The rules for filing a US patent will change this spring. They will honour inventors who are first to file, rather than those first to invent. see Leahy-Smith America Invents Act Implementation. Today’s Questions What do you like about this change? What future positive potentials are presented because of this? In what ways might this […]