Script to sell your boss new ideas

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Jordan used the quick checklist for creative ideas.  The new idea arrived.  Another call came through.

“Marci, thanks, I got it.  Now how do I sell it to my boss?  Can you remind me?”

“Jordan, your learning and retention style amazes and delights me.   I’m happy to zap over this checklist for you, here t’is.”

  1. Describe the idea: What is it? What does it look like? How is it used? In what situations is it used?
  2. Who is this idea for?  Who is the primary target?  Is there a secondary target?
  3. What belief, problem, and/or need does this idea address?
  4. What are the end-user benefits?  In what ways to people derive value from it?
  5. How do you support what’s good about the idea?  Why is this one idea the one that can deliver those benefits?
  6. Describe how this idea is different from others that are available.
  7. Show a picture, diagram, model, structure of how it works, how it makes life easier, more efficient, more satisfying.

“Dostoyevsky once said, Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.  When presenting a new idea to your boss, your responsibility is to cut that fear.  Got it Jordan?”

“Thanks Marci.  Done.”

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