What people want from a creativity conference then: is it the same now?

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Creativity Graph (Photo credit: lightsoutfilms)

Went through old files over the weekend. Found feedback comments from a 1981 creativity conference I participated in as a volunteer leader.

Do you think this is what people want from creativity conferences today, a generation later?

  • An incredibly enriching experience. Answered many questions and created new ones.  Challenged my mind, body and spirit and a beautiful gather of people who offer so much and are open to so much.  Veryencouraging, energy giving, nurturing and fun. The best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.
  • The most unique, positive, collective, creative experience I have had during my lifetime.
  • Intellectually, the process is a pulling, straining, painful one, where one is asked to give after all has been given – – a bit like the birth process! Enlightening personally for me.
  • Its warm, friendly, and peaceful atmosphere truly impressed me ans would be unforgettable all my life.
  • Great place to find so much information on so many subjects- – no other place can offer this open and loving atmosphere so conducive to learning and sharing.
  • The most exciting, stimulating, people-oriented week I have ever experienced.
  • Outstanding experience, opportunity to grow, expand, evolve and continue development. Going home with four Action Plans – one for a year of training–self development; one for an office problem and two lesser ones.
  • I regained my faith in human relationships
  • Rather a turning point in my life. My eyes have been opened, mind eager and a new determination to care for my body
  • It was a source of endless opportunities
  • My opportunity for re-birth and re-creation, an opportunity to discover the spirit within me
  • Physically I feel less tired that when I came in (how many tell you that?); emotionally I feel a deeper sense of peace and equilibrium; socially I have warm feelings; intellectually I feel stimulated
  • A real variety of ideas – just what I needed to cure my own burn out
  • I have grown greatly and feel that I will continue to do so as each petal of my rose opens up
  • Community of Connections
  • Has changed my direction in life; meaningful to bring back to others
  • Through the love and support I became sure enough of myself to deal with my own problems
  • I’ve been overwhelmed by all of the concern and generosity of ALL.
  • This is my second time back and I wondered how it would be to return.  It is still wonder-full
  • The Institute practices what it preaches. Uses the process on itself, continually growing, deferring judgement
  • Was particularly impressed by the quality, humanity and knowledge of many of the leaders… What I am left with is an appreciation of the warmth, humor, concern, freedom and challenge that surrounded me this week.
  • A definite growth experience not only in internalizing the process buy in the combined openness of and enthusiasm of the leaders and participants and in the encouragement and hope offered. I leave here with definite goals and knowledge that problems are relative, not absolute.  One of my goals is to return next year.
  • Stimulating and soul searching. I will never be the same.
  • A centre of knowledge, growth and love… a place where I can finally be myself… a place to breathe and refuel
    • Scintillating, sensitive, sensual
    • Unique, unbelievable
    • Priceless, profound
    • Exhilarating, exciting, enlightening, energizing
    • Revealing, remarkable


Marci Segal, MS, Creativity and Change Leadership. Freeing leaders’ thinking so they can create new futures.