Rotator Cuff Metaphor for Creativity

English: an exercise of rotator cuff
English: an exercise of rotator cuff (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“In order to recover our sense of hope and the courage to create, we must acknowledge and mourn the scars that are blocking us.”

Julia Cameron, author of The Artists’ Way, wrote this as a Facebook update on Saturday.  I immediately linked it to the Active Release Therapy (ART) I’m involved to relieve rotator cuff discomfort and wondered the ways in which this therapy is a metaphor for Julia’s words. Among its many purposes, ART eliminates scar tissue muscles that interferes with their functioning.

When chiropractor Dr. Kim applies pressure and tells me to move my arm, it hurts.  Ouch is an understatement.

Working the Metaphor:

  1. The rotator cuff represents creativity – the fluid motion, freedom of movement.  If people want access to the free movement, then what exercise must they make sure to do every day to ensure their creating  strength and capacity?  What must teams do, leaders, individuals?
  2. Do you think getting rid of the scars that block creativity would be painful in the short-term?  Ego pain, perhaps that could be made bearable with thoughts of future promise: the joy of using new ideas, making new decisions and taking new actions?
  3. What else?  What other connections do you make?


Marci Segal, MS

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