Mindsets for enhanced creativity

When engaging your creativity deliberately there’s a general rule of thumb: It’s not about finding the right answer, it’s about exploring the unknown to arrive at new ones.

The journey can be chaotic for sure, so here are a few pointers to keep you grounded in your imagination to find new ideas (and stave off the push from the environment to produce now, now, now).

Remember these always:

  1. You have permission to be undecided and unclear so as to create a number of potential solutions rather than to be directed toward a single one.
  2. You are free to break taboos, buck tradition, and overthrow conventional wisdom
  3. Get yourself a magical object that stimulates your power to achieve success (See Science Daily article on good luck charms).
  4. Be patient. There’s no way you can hurry the process by skipping some steps.
  5. Remember who you are. Your embarkation on this creative journey provides an opportunity for you to be more of who and what you were born to be.
  6. Use a pair of brand new eyes to see what is hiding in plain sight.
  7. Do your editing after writing your first draft and before presenting your idea/s to others.
  8. Draw from an energy source you haven’t used for a long time.  Childhood fantasies perhaps?

Thanks again to Rob Brezny, who inspired this post.