Creativity: Next Step (V) World Creativity and Innovation Week Personal Project

Whippee!!!  You know where you are headed.  Great first step.  Congrats.  You’ve stepped out of the fog and see before you a great woods, vibrant, green, safe.  There are many ways to enter, which will you choose?

Wonder_in_the_WoodsWelcome to Step V.  You’ve opened a door for realizing a new future (Steps 1 + 2) and committed to taking a new path (Steps 3 + 4), now you will clearly set an intention for how to bushwhack into the woods.

Happy World Creativity and Innovation Week, 2011.

Mindset going in…

By the end of this stage you will have 40 unique questions from which you will choose the ultimate, most correct one for you to answer.  One that will present such an easy answer you’ll be amazed.  One that will be hard to resist finding old ways to answer it, yet, you’ll be determined to create new ways to accomplish it and achieve an outcome that will truly cause your heart to soar.

Using the decision you made in Step IV, and focusing on your intention card from the end of Step II begin to write questions, NOT generate answers, not yet, that will come soon.

There are special ways of asking questions to determine your the trail you will blaze as the master of your evolution.  These questions help you clearly focus your wide-angled intention so that it becomes a laser light beam pointing the way to action.

Remember, you are using the creativity two-step, so allow all questions to have potential value, forget about ruling any out at this stage.  Allow your inner curiosity free reign.

  • In what ways might I…. this is the first line of questioning to use.  With a song in your heart, and the essence of wonder in your mind, list all the In what ways might I statements that emerge in response to your decision in Step IV, simply and elegantly.  Use as few words as possible.  In what ways might I clear the deck for new learning?  In what ways might I find peace amid the turmoil?  In what ways might I create new rules for how we work together?  These are examples.  List 10 – or more.

This is not the time for dreaming, it is the time of transitioning to doing. Your questions may be more down to earth than what you prefer. Work with the tangible possibilities that emerge.

  • How might I…is the next question to consider. As above, each question clears a way to enter the woods. You are parting the undergrowth to survey the ground.  List them all as they come to mind.  How might I find forgiveness?  How might I get a raise?  How might I land a new contract?  These are examples.  List 10 – or more.

What’s happening here?  You are listing what’s going on in your mind and heart as questions, and you’ll find that each one opens to another, and another, like the Russian dolls where each is embedding and embedded in another.  Keep going.

  • What might be new ways to…question 3, an important one.  This trigger stimulates your curiosity to enter into a new way of being and acting. It stimulates your mind to consider alternatives rather than the same old, same old, and invites you to embrace your future.  What might be new ways to nurture my growth?  What might be new ways to find satisfaction and happiness?  What might be new ways to meet my goals? These are examples.  List 10 – or more.

Have you had a eureka moment?  Has your dopamine been triggered? Are you feeling any different?  Pay attention.  There could be a message here for you.

  • What might be different ways to…another important stretch for constructing your questions. What might be different ways to access customers?  What might be different ways to become more practical?  What might be different ways to achieve success? These are examples.  List 10 – or more.

Congratulations.  You’ve done good work.  You’ve mined your resources to uncover many potential paths for creative exploration.  Creativity involves using imagination to embrace new ideas and make new decisions.  Can you feel yours rising? Rest, go on with your day. There’s a likelihood that more questions will appear as you do.  Write them down as they do, each is a gem.

Next step is to review and choose.  And not all at once.  This is a step by step by step leisurely approach to increasing your creativity in honour of your latent talents, to give them a safe space to emerge and integrate into your day-to-day thinking and actions.  Happy World Creativity and Innovation Week.