Conversation starters for World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21

WCIW logoWe’re asking you to take part in World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 (WCIW) this, and every year, to open new portals for the future. WCIW began in Toronto, Canada in 2001 and is now celebrated in more than 40 countries.  It’s totally volunteer, bootstrap and non-profit.

The ask is small because you can do something as a team, a family, or a classroom and you don’t have to ask for permission, you can do it under the radar.  It doesn’t have to cost anything.

The purpose for World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 is to build capacity for people to be open to new ideas and to make new decisions that make the world a better place and make their place in the world better too, without causing harm.

WCIW comes alive when you lead, host, attend and/or take part in events and activities that honour creativity, because when you do, it’s easier for innovation to occur.

We’re compiling a list of organizations and people world-wide who are committing to inspiring new thinking and new action.  Some examples for WCIW 2011 are:

Crea Conference: Sestri Levante, Italy April 13 – 17

The 9th annual CREA Conference will offer a new mix of people, programmes, and ideas. CREA is dedicated to organisations and people who are looking for innovation and solutions; who believe that ideas are better than words; that doing things is more effective than talking; that learning new methods and techniques is more productive than listening to speeches; that creativity is the only way to produce innovation professionally and personally.

ACE (Atlanta Creativity Exchange): Atlanta, Georgia, US April 14 – 16

ACE has been designed to facilitate the open exchange of ideas about innovation and creative thinking between  expert presenters and individual participants. It is a resource for learning and applying the creative tools behind innovation and problem solving. Our global network of professional speakers from business, education, and the arts share their knowledge freely at a pragmatic level that is easily translatable to immediate application in you life and work.

Orenda Connections – In Good Company (conference on corporate social responsibility): Toronto, Canada April 12

The In Good Company Corporate Social Responsibility conference, 2011 will bring together thought leaders in the corporate, not-for-profit and academic sectors to explore the evolution of Community Investment, and to share strategies and best practices for creating meaningful corporate community partnerships.

If your future depends on what you do today, what might you do during WCIW 2011 April 15 – 21 to make the world a better place and/or make your place in the world better too?

Personally, I’m leading an interactive tour of the contemporary art installation at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) on Wednesday April 13 from 6:30 – 8:30. If you are in town, please feel free to join me. The purpose is to inspire new thinking among participants with regards to their creativity and what small things they can do to celebrate WCIW at work, at school and home. Will write more about that later. BTW the AGO is free Wednesday nights.

Here are the expectations and requirements for celebrating WCIW 2011.