Why is Creativity Important? Here's what cops say.

A police officer in Chicago posing on a Segway...
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I recently re-found flip chart sheets of why creativity is important to cops from one of my presentations of Language and Leverage for Creative Thinking at the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Command College program in California.

The Command College is for Californian peace officers who want to advance in their careers.  Creativity is on the curriculum for the week they look at using futures thinking techniques for police work and its administration, the brainchild of Bob Harrison.

I asked the cops why creativity is important.  Here’s what they said.

  • Keeps us moving forward
  • Develops options
  • Keeps us relevant
  • To survive
  • To deal with new issues
  • Improves the current status of things
  • Stimulates conversation to get unstuck
  • Keeps things interesting
  • Allows you to look for other solutions
  • Increases efficiency, processes effecting us

So, if you are wondering why creativity may be relevant in your organization, pay attention to what these folks have to offer. You would in other situations, right?