Why do people write books? What’s next?

Excuse me for grappling with this dilemma.  Just re-saw this clip for Google chrome.  If this is how people are communicating, then why are people still writing books or ebooks? Especially when people expect to get information online for free?

Last January, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) reported eBook net sales rose from 2010’s 32.4 million dollars to 69.9 million dollars, increasing by 115.8 percent.

The report said adult mass market paperback book sales plummeted almost 31 percent when compared to 2010’s sales, and hardcover books dropped by 11 percent. Okay, I get it, paper books are on the way out, passed their prime, old-fashioned.  Print on demand is in.  But why print at all?

Is there a future in writing books?  There’s a future in transmitting and interacting with information and stories; new levels of engagement are nigh.

Are you open to create and/or adapt to new ideas and new decisions with regards to your intellectual and experiential intake and expression? If you watched the Google chrome clip – what do you imagine Sophie’s college life will be like with regards to learning? Creativity ho!

To read the full AAP report, click here.