When is the next bus coming? Wouldn’t it be nice to know the future?

There’s an app for the Toronto Transit Commission that let’s smart phone transit riders know how long a wait for the next bus. Brilliant. This free app eliminates the anxiety of guessing if there’s enough time to walk to the next stop and still catch a ride.

The app is called Next Bus available on the iTunes store.  It’s description goes something like this:   Ever wonder when the next bus is coming or what route to take? No more, with this free app you can visually pinpoint the location of  every incoming bus on a map as well as see an accurate estimate of arrival time. 

I’ve used it for a week now, works like a charm. Frees up my movement to walk a few extra blocks, or ten, rather than wait in the bus shelter on these cold winter days.

Wouldn’t it be great if life were like that, that there was an app that told you exactly what to expect and when in all spheres of your life?  One that pointed out routes from which to choose how to get to your desired destination? No guesswork, instead offering utter certainty and dependability and a guaranteed end location?

What do you think, would that be a blessing or curse?  Would having an app for your business or life’s destination help or hinder your creativity?