What manufacturing execs say will help them boost their innovation levels: nurturing creative thinking.

A new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit on the future of manufacturing suggests how successful design-thinking and creativity–and the protection of original ideas–are what give the United States an edge over the rest of the world. The report, sponsored by General Electric, was released on October 18 and available online as a PDF.

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When asked how American manufacturers can boost innovation levels within their companies, 38% of respondents said they can do so by encouraging internal innovation competitions and initiatives; 34% said by promoting advanced manufacturing initiatives; 32% said by restructuring manufacturing processes. What these statistics suggest is top executives believe that nurturing and rewarding creative thinking could be a more valuable strategy for successful innovation than merely pursuing the latest manufacturing technology or cost-cutting/streamlining current programs. Create, innovate – Marching orders?  Just imagine.


Not a riveting study, we’ve known this for years.  What surprises me is how long it takes to accept the notion that new ideas and new decisions are necessary for growth and survival.

Read the full article:  U.S. manufacturers’ strengths and future are their creativity, survey shows courtesy of IBM.

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