What if the world's future depended on your decisions?

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Would you act any differently?

Yesterday my financial planner suggested ways to increase the return on investments.  He recommended placing funds in industries I didn’t support, such as agricultural organizations that pay little attention to the quality of life of their livestock or the surrounding environment.  I refused.

He assured me that the financial gains from the investment would be good over the short, medium and long term – people, he said, need food.  It’s a smart move to invest in something so basic.

I couldn’t. It would betray my values to put funds in practices that do not align with my values of green and clean, even though the return from a dollars perspective looked intriguing.  When green farming is on the docket, I said, let me know.  Until then, no.

After our meeting I went for a walk in the cherry blossoms, fully open, in Toronto’s High Park.

What if the world’s future depended on the decisions you make everyday?  What if in your hands rests the future of humanity?  Imagine it does.

New ideas and new decisions create the new future.  Every decision you make, whether to stick with what you know or to explore and discover something different, plays an important part in what will become.

The dollars you spend contribute to something… In what ways might your purchases support a vibrant future for eternity?  Creative thinking anyone?

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