Culture is Key for Innovation and Creativity is the New Economy

The sun rises over the forest outside my window this morning. On-screen are messages from the magic 8-ball of the internet that support innovation and creativity and celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 -21 every year – so we can actively collaborate, leveraging our diversity to generate new ideas and make different decisions. […]

Challenging assumptions: Getting beyond-the-usual ideas

Need some fresh thinking? Distractions can prevent new ideas from bubbling to the surface.  Pressures from taking care of business, or the kids, second-guessing what others would think or how to influence important people to say yes impacts people’s willingness to consider something differently. Creativity, new ideas and new decisions, involves using what you know […]

Worker's creativity valuable to economy: research from Martin Prosperity Institute

For years we’ve been doing our best to show how creativity is important to people’s businesses and lives.  Wouldn’t you know that it takes economists to do this? The Martin Prosperity Institute, including Roger Martin and Richard Florida, is doing its best to support creativity as economically valuable, step-by-step. It’s indirect now. The report released […]

What does creativity mean to you, your boss, your clients?

The chart below, drawn from research done by the American Association of School Administrators and Americans for the Arts, shows the difference between how employers and school superintendents interpret what creativity means. How do you understand creativity?  Is it the same understanding as that of your colleagues, friends, customers? Does it matter?  What if it […]