Different Minds, Frequencies, Awareness Using MB types

Author Walter Lowen, a physicist, became interested in brain mapping as it related to personality. His book Dichotomies of the Mind (Wiley, 1982) presented these concepts in great scientific detail. With the use of various brain scanning devices he was able to name specific parts of the brain. Lowen’s work draws on Jungian psychology, miscellaneous […]

Type and Creativity

There’s a difference in the way people approach getting new ideas and making new decisions. Creativity professionals use this information to facilitate new thinking. Some people get ideas from inside, through reflection. Others, when interacting with the world outside of themselves. Some people get new ideas from taking a look at the physical world, others, […]

Authentic Workplaces for Creativity

Is your workplace authentically creative?  How can you tell? People ask why organizations resist creativity and I’m thinking it’s because they don’t know how to embrace it. Many people in organizations are unaware of the behaviours, actions, and leadership required to instill and support the creative spirit at work which could have a negative impact […]

Repeat after me: I am competent, capable and open to learn

As a Creativity Professional I’ve been working with teams, people and entire organizations freeing thinking to create new futures for over 20 years. Many times the doors to collaboration open through understanding and appreciating personality styles. Let’s face it. Sometimes people’s personal styles get in the way of productivity due to grudges, lack of patience, […]

What does creativity mean to you, your boss, your clients?

The chart below, drawn from research done by the American Association of School Administrators and Americans for the Arts, shows the difference between how employers and school superintendents interpret what creativity means. How do you understand creativity?  Is it the same understanding as that of your colleagues, friends, customers? Does it matter?  What if it […]

Why do people create?

People have different motivations for using new ideas and making new decisions. The light bulb shines for each at different times. The temperament framework first written about by David Keirsey, and later more fully explored and explained by Linda Berens provides significant insight into what’s up for people to engage. Each energy pattern has its […]