How to Free Your Innate Creativity

We need to be in the right emotional state in order to be creative — brain functioning affects creativity and how we feel affects brain functioning. But unfortunately, that’s easier said than done in today’s workplace. Here are pointers to stop the swirl of cynicism and negativity – ones that focus on you taking better […]

Creativity – Issue 20: Creativity – Nautilus

Nautilus dedicated an entire issue to Creativity. Browsing through the pages you’ll find ample reason to support engaging in World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21, this year, and the next. You’ll also appreciate how new ideas, new decisions and new actions enable businesses and organizations to transform and evolve. In 2010, IBM […]

Beneath it All is the Creative Spirit

Beneath all the creativity tools, tips, techniques, methodologies and process lies the human spirit; incomplete, seeking satisfaction and connection.  Its impulse to meet needs drives a search for new ideas, new decisions and new actions. Creativityland works with the creative human spirit, opening doors to broader perception and deeper insight from which breakthroughs emerge. We […]

What tomorrow might be…intriguing day-to-day technology use

If you are having a challenge or two envisioning the future and your life in it, take the 6-minute break to imagine navigating your day productively, the way the people do in this video. Related articles Intel’s “Tomorrow Project” — public conversations about the future of technology ( VIDEO: The technology of tomorrow (

Stuck on solving a problem? Magnify enthusiam.

Sometimes what always works doesn’t work anymore.  Know what I mean? You go about your day-to-day activities quite successfully, then boom, nothing. Nada. Even the most simple of solutions elude you.  What to do?  There’s help! Instead of asking: What’s the biggest problem here? use, What possibilities exist? Instead of asking: Why am I such […]

Being right, being wrong. Does it affect creativity?

Recent excerpts a Slate’s The Wrong Stuff interview with Harville Hendrix on the state of “being right” led me to consider ways in which emotions may affect people’s consideration of new idea and making new decisions.  The bolding and italics in the text are mine. Hendrix is the author of the best-selling Getting the Love […]

Creative and Philanthropic Team Building Activities: Ones that Give Back

Wondering what you might do for World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 in 2011 and beyond? Here’s a great idea from Team Builders Plus. Philanthropic Team Building…Give & Get Even More Back in Return by Andy Kraus Despite what is going on with our current economic situation, most corporate groups understand the […]

Go with the flow – does it mean the same to everyone?

It’s common for Creativity Professionals to encourage clients to go with the flow to allow for new ideas and new decisions to emerge that will help create exciting new futures. And then I thought: What flow are you asking them to go with? “When they say “Go with the flow,” what “flow” are they talking […]

What's in your future?

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once wrote that nothing is certain except change. In the last two decades we have been forced to acknowledge this ancient truth, for many of our time- honoured and reliable religious, economic and social structures and definitions of reality have undergone major upheavals. Because human beings instinctively fear change, we imagine […]