Six Annotated Creativity Links 4U

There’s great stuff all over the web that give you creativity tips, tools, tricks and techniques. There are other ones that shed insight into rationale, basic thinking and attitudes for being at your creative best. The links come from the Huffington Post article (below) that appeared this week. I’ve selected the best ones for your […]

What does creativity mean to you, your boss, your clients?

The chart below, drawn from research done by the American Association of School Administrators and Americans for the Arts, shows the difference between how employers and school superintendents interpret what creativity means. How do you understand creativity?  Is it the same understanding as that of your colleagues, friends, customers? Does it matter?  What if it […]

Selling Creative Ideas – the Second Half of the Equation

New ideas and new decisions. You’ve made both.  Time to sell your idea to your boss, clients or other decision makers.  There’s a book to help you be a success in creating an exciting new future. Even though it seems to target “creative” professionals in design and advertising IdeaSelling will be helpful for creative folk […]

A new six-level creative thinking outline for innovation

Context for Creativity and Innovation There are many different definitions of creativity: novelty that is useful is the one used by many Creativity Professionals. I like to take that understanding a little deeper to help clients appreciate that each person has his/her own style for expressing creativity – for generating new ideas and making new […]

Why do people create?

People have different motivations for using new ideas and making new decisions. The light bulb shines for each at different times. The temperament framework first written about by David Keirsey, and later more fully explored and explained by Linda Berens provides significant insight into what’s up for people to engage. Each energy pattern has its […]

Do you have to be creative to do creative things?

Nope. Not one bit. Everyone can and does use new ideas and makes new decisions and when they do, they are ‘doing’ creativity. There are other ways, of course. Sprinkle in imagination, express your purpose, live with integrity to find new solutions to the challenge of change, whatever path is important to you, that’s the […]

Creativity and Innovation FAQ's

What is Innovation? Management expert Peter Drucker calls innovation, “change that creates a new dimension of performance” (Hesselbein, et al 2002). Innovation could not exist without creativity. To create new dimensions of performance, we need new ideas and new criteria. And we need to be personally involved, working from our restlessness with integrity. Why Is […]