Creativity essential for working through crisis and employee engagement

There’s proof (aka research) that supports creativity as a positive influencer on employee engagement. Researcher Dr. Mark Batey of the Manchester Business School says creativity is definitely needed in working through crises (from People Management Blog, April 8, 2011 by Jill Evans) HRD 2011: Creativity essential for working through crisis Pairing staff with differing attributes […]

Creativity and bullying – is there a relationship?

Imagine being in an idea session with the bully in the room. What’s the likelihood you’ll want to contribute your new ideas?  And what if that bully is the one leading the session, or you are leading the session and the bully is the main client for new ideas. If bullying is on the rise, […]

Insights into Your Creativity – Life in a Day

There’s a great opportunity to take part in a global creativity event and plant idea seeds for your World Creativity and Innovation Week celebrations April 15 – 21, happening in nine months. How serendipitous that this door is opening now, inviting you to use new ideas and make new decisions to give birth to an […]

Flow, creativity is affected by how you feel

Leading creativity researcher Mihalyi Cziksentmihalyi presents an explanation of how people feel when they are being creative. He talks about the flow experience – when no attention is given to anything but the task one is involved in. Satisfaction is a significant emotion for creativity to occur. He ends with a question about how to […]

Do incentives work to motivate creativity? Dan Pink says no.

Are you a manager or leader for innovation? Pay heed. The world of working is changing in another brand new way. Dan Pink provides researched evidence that shows incentives demotivate rather than encourage new thinking. So, how might you engage people’s curiosity and participation to break free from patterned responses to invent exciting new futures […]

Sustaining the Human Spirit at the World Futures Conference

Off to the World Futures Conference in Boston for the next few days to learn and contribute to what’s happening in the future, this year’s theme: Sustainable Futures, Strategies and Technologies. Sparked by the notion that the future really depends on the people who make it happen, we’re presenting two sessions to emphasize the importance […]

Whose creativity is a priority at a creativity conference?

Conference Fran is at a waterfront hotel at a conference promising to show people how to create, innovate and lead change, one she’s attended annually for more than half of her life when spring reveals summer’s promise. Creativity and innovation are her passion and business. It’s more than a mind thing to Fran, creativity is […]

Authentic Workplaces for Creativity

Is your workplace authentically creative?  How can you tell? People ask why organizations resist creativity and I’m thinking it’s because they don’t know how to embrace it. Many people in organizations are unaware of the behaviours, actions, and leadership required to instill and support the creative spirit at work which could have a negative impact […]

Repeat after me: I am competent, capable and open to learn

As a Creativity Professional I’ve been working with teams, people and entire organizations freeing thinking to create new futures for over 20 years. Many times the doors to collaboration open through understanding and appreciating personality styles. Let’s face it. Sometimes people’s personal styles get in the way of productivity due to grudges, lack of patience, […]