How to Free Your Innate Creativity

We need to be in the right emotional state in order to be creative — brain functioning affects creativity and how we feel affects brain functioning. But unfortunately, that’s easier said than done in today’s workplace. Here are pointers to stop the swirl of cynicism and negativity – ones that focus on you taking better […]

New Word: VUCA, what it is, what it does and how to handle it

So proper, isn’t it. A new word to describe what we’re all feeling, the situations we face, and what others around us are dealing with too, and on so many levels, all at once. VUCA = Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. What a whirlwind, no? (Check out VUCA’s description in Wikipedia and its platform for […]

Global Innovation 1000 – Making Ideas Work – from Booz &Company’s R&D Report

Different people use different idea tools which relate to their task according to Booz & Company study of global R&D spending released in Strategy and Business 2012 Winter Issue. Successful innovators bring clarity to a process often described as fuzzy and vague they say. Full report here.   On another note The experience of creating […]

A bike helmet innovation: it calls your ‘peeps’ if you are in a crash

ICEdot has created a helmet that gets in touch with your emergency contacts if you have an accident that severely impacts your helmet. The invention process began with the idea originator asking, “What would happen if… I crashed and no one I knew was close by?” Looking for an innovation opportunity? Asking What if… might […]

Ideas, creativity and innovation… from Karl Albrecht

“Ideas are the raw material for the process of innovation.  Innovation in any area, starts with an idea and proceeds through the stages of making that idea concrete, practical and profitable.  It results in a successful outcome, a solution, or a successful state of affairs. Another way to think of it is that creativity is […]

Creativity and Innovation: What’s Style Got to Do with It (and does it matter)?

I was invited to speak at the CHRA conference in historic and beautiful Quebec City, Canada. The gathering of Human Resources professionals occurs annually in the fall with hundreds of people in attendance. It was an honour to be asked and a delight to participate. In addition to the giving an interactive 90-minute presentation on […]

What tomorrow might be…intriguing day-to-day technology use

If you are having a challenge or two envisioning the future and your life in it, take the 6-minute break to imagine navigating your day productively, the way the people do in this video. Related articles Intel’s “Tomorrow Project” — public conversations about the future of technology ( VIDEO: The technology of tomorrow (

A new way to hold meetings – it’s about time people get engaged!

Why are so many conferences, congresses and meetings using old formula of ‘expert tell – participant sleep’ as if  the event is all about is shovelling data or other content into the minds of the people sitting in the audience’s chairs.  How refreshing to see planning and meeting industry changes accepted (finally) by the mainstream […]