Stuck? There’s an app for that. Could this mark the ending of creative problem solving?

There's An App For That
Image by elkit via Flickr

The notion of people changing their behaviour, outlook and stumped-ness on their own without the help of an external device may be going the way of the dinosaur. Creative thinking may become passe as people become more accustomed to relying on technology. Keith Yamashita, the founder of SYPartners, created an app that aims to help people get unstuck.

The source of being stuck, he explains is aspiration, ambition, trying new things and the drive to change the world. From this perspective, being stuck isn’t a pejorative term, instead it means that what you’re trying to achieve is working out in a different, unexpected way.

The app visualizes the decision-making process for getting yourself unstuck, and exposes intuitive actionable knowledge that can unlock new behavior.

Keith Yamashita: Getting Unstuck. The Path To Greatness In These Rocky Times from Piers Fawkes on Vimeo.

Points of note in Keith’s talk at the San Francisco PSFK conference:

  • If you can focus on how you got stuck, it is easier to find in other areas in your life what’s blocking you
  • Really brilliant people can find and know what is getting them stuck clearly and without negativity
  • The ‘Unstuck’ app will lift people up and inspire them to adopt creative behaviors
  • It identifies which archetype of ‘stuck’ you are in that moment, and suggests a specific tool per type
  • The app is a part of a community of experts who will lend advice to help people get unstuck