Steve Jobs Genius Compared to Einstein – NY Times

賈伯斯傳 Steve Jobs
Image by 阿國 via Flickr

In his NYTimes Opinion piece printed October 30, 2011 as The Genius of Jobs, Walter Isaacson compares the genius of  Jobs to Einstein, both stalwart examples (and role models?) of propelling the world into new dimensions of experience and discovery.

Steve Jobs, he says, “…was the most innovative and successful business leader of our era and embodied the Silicon Valley dream writ large: he created a start-up in his parents’ garage and built it into the world’s most valuable company.”

Of Albert Einstein he writes, “Einstein had the elusive qualities of genius, which included that intuition and imagination that allowed him to think differently (or, as Mr. Jobs’s ads said, to Think Different.)”

It’s an interesting read, especially for those who want to generate new ideas and make new decisions, and can use examples of how  tapping into intuition and imagination strengthen and expand the scope for creativity.

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