Spark Your Creativity Here. It’s about Change

Flying home on Air Canada from a talk to the American Advertising Federation I leafed through EnRoute, the airline’s in-flight magazine. They announced changes to create a more customer-centric orientation including new amenities, increased space and comfort. These are all good, right? I mused: Are people really resistant to change?

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Creativity results from a restlessness to improve the status quo  to change what is, and what might be (Segal, 2001). Who doesn’t want that?  We make improvements to move away from dissatisfaction toward satisfaction.

People like change, and look forward to it. Ever see your friends’ eye’s light up when they get new clothes or finish redecorating their homes? People are happy taking vacations or having time off of work because they experience a change of pace.  Wayne Hawthorne, a college friend, would often say, a change is as good as a rest. He’s right. Change is refreshing.

Politicians (those not in power) beseech us to vote for change. Daily news reports changes, not status quo. If it didn’t, would we pay attention. We look more for what’s new than for what already is. In fact, a chief creative thinking technique is to take a close look at what is already familiar, and make it, in someway strange – by noticing something about it never seen or appreciated before.

It’s time to lose the notion that people don’t like change, we love it. Granted not all the time.  Change shows growth, movement, vitality. The discomfort of change is what we don’t really like.

People aren’t so resistant to change, they want comfort and familiarity.

So here’s the question to spark your creativity – given that conditions change fast, what are ways to help people feel comfortable while adapting to changing conditions and, at the same time, making decisions for the future? 


Marci Segal, MS

Freeing Leaders’ thinking so they can create new futures.

Segal, M. (2001) Creativity and Personality Type: Tools for understanding and inspiring the many voices of creativity. Telos Publications.