In-flight toilet tax, vertical seats. More airline innovations.

In the old days checking in, going through security and boarding flights took less than an hour.  We could keep our shoes and belts on.

We used real silverware during in-flight meals that were served at no extra cost beyond the airline ticket price, and checked-in baggage was free.  Now the check-in process takes predictably more than an hour to accommodate disrobing; in-flight meals are purchased on board and, according to airfare watchdog, checked-in baggage fees range from $15 – $100 an item.

verticle seatsMore changes are afoot in your flying experience. Ryanair, UK just announced

  • replacing seats on planes with ‘stands’ or vertical seats, charging only five pounds for the flight
  • a one pound toilet tax or fee to use the bathroom in-flight

Watch this clip of the news from the Telegraph, UK.

As always, what’s next, eh? How else might the future of flight unfold?