Holacracy One's Pattern of Customer Disservice

Holacracy One (HO) provides software and subscription services to organizations and certified HO facilitators to embed a new operating system in organizations. I attended their mandatory Experiential Workshop (which wasn’t) and their 5-Day Certification Program (which did not fulfill its promise). I asked for a refund.
Below are the beginning emails, with annotations, that followed the program.  The players, besides myself, are HO General Company Circle members Deborah Boyar and Brian Robertson.  The rest of them follow, with commentary, in the next post.

Email 1 – First refund ask

Email 1

HO Response 1 – It’s not our fault

email 2

Email 2 – I disagree and how does your asking me for feedback benefit us both?

Email 3 – let me restate…

Email 4 – The Emperor may have no clothes

HO Response 2 – HO’s first question about my experience

Email 6 – Thanks for asking me to clarify

Email 7: Here’s my blogpost with feedback and experience of the Certification Workshop

Response 3: I misunderstood you, and it’s out of my hands

Response 4 – From HO’s founder: We are right, you are wrong

Continued next post