Fresh thinking on creative process: Honing Theory

The Seven Stage Dynamic of the Creative Process

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What if creativity is perceived differently than process?

What if creativity transforms the world in ways that reflect the particular worldview of the creator?

“A worldview is an internal mental model of reality. It is not just a compendium of knowledge, values, and so forth, but a manner of weaving them into an integrated web of understandings; a way of seeing the world and being in the world. While many theories of creativity focus almost exclusively on how the creative process results in the generation of a product, honing theory views as equally important the effect of the creative process on the worldview of the creator.”

The Holistic Creativity blog post written by Liane Gabora, Ph.D. in Psychology Today shows her emerging ‘honing theory’ of creativity leveraging insights from anthropology for a different view than what many academics report in their studies.  Fresh.  Yes.

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