Fostering creativity – a ppt from Tudor Rickards

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Here’s an intro ppt to creativity from one of the giants in the field –  Tudor Rickards.  It’s a good reference for creativity professionals to view as a basic understanding of research in the field.

Rickards is an author on creativity and leadership in business and management, and is based at Manchester Business School in the UK where he is Professor of Creativity and Organizational Change. He co-founded the academic journal, Creativity and Innovation Management, in 1991 and is Alex Osborn Visiting Professor at State University of New York, Buffalo, a lifetime position offered to scholars who are deemed to enrich teaching at the University’s Centre for Studies in Creativity. His blog Leaders we Deserve is a good read for sound thinking and references for leadership development.

You can download my white paper about research supporting creativity as a 21st century leadership skill here.

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