Dark Circles – what’s the right problem?

circled (Photo credit: .ash)

I saw an ad the other day advertising a dark circle corrector. Use it, the ad says, and you can look as if you had a great night’s sleep. Dark circles are super stubborn, they deepen with age, fatigue and stress; they can make a person look tired.

By hiding the dark circles with concealer, a person might ignore the reason the dark circles exist and not explore the opportunities to positively influence his/her health. Short term fix?  Sure.  Long term solution? Wouldn’t it be great to have the great night’s sleep instead, and/or make lifestyle choices that reduce the reasons dark circles appear?


Creative Problem Solving Application

At the first stage of using creative thinking to solve a challenge it’s important to make sure the right problem and not the wrong one gets the attention.

  • Resist the temptation to jump directly to solve, do some fact-finding first.
  • Clarify a situation/opportunity by asking questions to dig beneath the surface of a situation or pet peeve; challenge assumptions to see with fresh eyes.

Marci Segal