Creativity Master’s Programs in Malta, Do Creativity Professionals need Credentials? 

The Edward Debono Institute at the University of Malta grants a Master of Creativity and Innovation and a Master of Science in Strategic Innovation and Future Creation. A close look at their curricula shows the programs look just about the same –  how they are delivered differs. The first is held on campus, the second over a two year period conducted asynchronously on-line and with week long modules 4 x during that period. The programs  launched in 2009.
Credentials for Creativity Professionals?
I particularly like reading the course descriptions for their language about what students will gain. Leads me to wonder how people without credentials or advanced learning show their professional credibility. Or, in another way, I wonder what proof they use to assure clients that they are operating from a valid base. Are they up on their research? Do they know creative professional good practice, ethics?
Do Creativity Professionals need credentials? Should they all have the basic grounding and framework, like, say, lawyers, accountants or psychologists? If so, what would they be?
Debono and Sir Ted Robinson
Debono is famous for influencing new perception creative thinking though his books such as Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking. His CoRT method for teaching has been taught in schools among communities in Canada, United States, China, Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malta, Venezuela, and South Africa. Think he’s seen the TED Sir Ken Robinson 2006 video “Do schools kill creativity”? It’s the most favorited TED talk of all time. Wonder what his take is.
Debono’s Programs
Creativity and Innovation Masters courses include, among others
  • Enhancing Business Performance through Strategic Innovative Design
  • Foresight Techniques for Creativity and Innovation
  • Creativity and Innovation in the Media
  • Creativity: Idea Generation, methods and applications
  • Entrepreneurship: Innovation and Foresight in Practice
  • Strategic Marketing and Creative Decision Making
  • Creativity, Innovation and New Digital Technologies
  • Creativity: Psychological Perspectives
  • Innovation Diffusion: Selection, Complexity and Probability Dynamics
  • Innovation in Organisations
  • Creativity and Innovation in Education, Science and Technology
The M.Sc. in Strategic Innovation and Future Creation has four main subject areas:  creativity and idea generation, innovation management, entrepreneurship and foresight/futures studies. It is delivered by asynchronous e-learning complemented by four intensive residential seminars of one week each, spread over two years (one week at each partner University – University of Potsdam, Germany; Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, Finland; Teesside University, England; University of Malta, Malta).
Program courses:
Creativity and Idea Generation
  • Creativity: Idea Generation, Methods and Applications
  • Creativity and Innovation in the Media
  • The Application of Creativity and Innovation to Digital Technologies
  • Creativity: Psychological Perspectives
Innovation Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Patent Management/IPR
  • Design and Innovation
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Behaviour
  • Business Opportunities: From Ideas to Action
Foresight/Future Studies
  • How can we explore the future?
  • Futures research methods
  • Futures Research in Practice
Other advanced degree and other programs in creativity and innovation, including my alma mater, the International Center for Studies in Creativity will be highlighted in future posts.

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