Corporate Laws of Gravity

Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Just refound this gem from a workshop John Sedgwick of Managing Imaginations and I conducted in 2000. It provides a light-hearted reminder of why creativity, using new ideas and making new decisions that result in novel and relevant solutions, is so important.

The Corporate Laws of Gravity

  1. There ain’t no justice.
  2. Nothing ever happens the way its supposed to.
  3. People will do what they want.
  4. People will consider their own feelings and best interests before they consider yours.
  5. Wherever there are people there are politics.
  6. Smooth sailing? We are living in times of continuous rough water.
  7. The Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments were not created to make your job easier or more efficient.
  8. There is always more information available.

Now, suppose these aren’t true. What then, eh?  Turns out the laws of gravity are being challenged, why not these?  How might you rewrite these laws with a more hopeful, and still realistic, spin?