Can Science Determine Human Values? Sam Harris.

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Well worth the view. Sit back, relax, open your mind and be prepared for a new way of understanding.  It’ll help free your thinking to allow you to create a new future.

Sam Harris shares the science behind morality.  Fascinating.  Added this to the Empathic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin and perhaps a new morality is emerging for how we’ll behave as we plan for the future unfolding.

Season’s Greetings.


Sam Harris

Sam Harris is an American non-fiction author, and CEO of Project Reason. He received a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA, and is a graduate in philosophy from Stanford University. He has studied both Eastern and Western religious traditions, along with a variety of contemplative disciplines, for twenty years. He is a proponent of scientific skepticism and is the author of The End of Faith (2004), which won the 2005 PEN/Martha Albrand Award, Letter to a Christian Nation (2006), a rejoinder to criticism of his first book, and The Moral Landscape (2010).