Breaking habits – Thomas Jefferson's example

Habits take an effort to overcome, and when they are, they can influence the future.

Scientists at the United States Library of Congress have revealed the moment when Thomas Jefferson altered the Declaration of Independence to set the course of American history.

Using hyper-spectral imaging on a blur in the copy, they found he initially wrote the word ‘subjects’, a term used under British rule, before changing it to read ‘citizens’ as it now stands.

“The correction seems to illuminate an important moment for Jefferson and for a nation on the eve of breaking from monarchical rule: a moment when he reconsidered his choice of words and articulated the recognition that the people of the fledgling United States of America were no longer subjects of any nation, but citizens of an emerging democracy.”


  • How life in the US would be different if he had not caught his oversight
  • How a declaration of independence would read if it were created today – would it include access to the internet, for example?  What else?
  • What the effect may be if women and minorities participated in its writing and signing

What’s one small thing that you can do differently, what habit might you choose to break, that can assist you in creating an exciting new future?  As you can see in Thomas Jefferson’s example, it’s worth the effort.

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