A new way to hold meetings – it’s about time people get engaged!

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Why are so many conferences, congresses and meetings using old formula of ‘expert tell – participant sleep’ as if  the event is all about is shovelling data or other content into the minds of the people sitting in the audience’s chairs.  How refreshing to see planning and meeting industry changes accepted (finally) by the mainstream that include participation, fun, and networking.

A great article from meetings-conventions.com, Reinventing Meetings, provides new ideas so you can make new decisions and bring creativity into play for your next event – behind the scenes during the planning stages and/or on the conference floor.

Clients sometimes ask for creativity help to ensure high participation and follow-through for taking new action when planning meetings at which I’ll be speaking.  When you’d like a story or two of how and what’s been accomplished, and/or creativity help giving more life to your next meeting, by all means, feel free to get in touch.


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