A fable for animals

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Just like you, I’m cleaning out old files before the end of the year.  Found this and could not resist posting it.  If you know the original author – please let me know so the right credit can be given.  Could be me, not sure.  The file is close to 25 years old.

The Fable: who says you can do it all, well?


Once upon a time the animals had a corporation. The daily work routine included running, climbing, flying and swimming and all the animals had to perform each of these functions.

The duck was good at swimming, better in fact than her manager.  She was praised for her ability in flying, but was practically hopeless in running.  Because she was slow in this area, her manager gave her all the running jobs, thinking this would help improve this skill. As a result, all her swimming and flying responsibilities were taken by others. She kept at running but only became average in swimming. Average is acceptable, so nobody worried except the duck.

The rabbit started as the top runner, but he had a nervous breakdown and had to quit because so much of his effort was spent trying to swim.

The squirrel came to the company as a star climber but his coordinator made him fly from the bottom up rather than from the treetop down. He developed charley horses from over exertion at the take off and began to get poor appraisals in climbing and running.

The practical prairie dogs contracted their offspring out to a badger when the corporation refused to permit digging.

At the end of the year, after all the appraisals were completed, an abnormal eel that could swim fairly well, and could climb and fly a little was made employee of the year.