A Creativity Pill?

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“It’s easy to be lured by the promises of a smart pill that could help us not only think more clearly and access more memory, but feel good about ourselves, be tireless and endlessly confident. And creative.” writes Douglas Eby in Boosted Cognition and Enhanced Creativity | The Creative Mind.

Would it be worth it?  Is it really needed?  Mightn’t a better option be to acknowledge different perspectives co-exist and work from there?  Collaborative creativity, among people and differing dimensions, as my friend Danielle Poirier suggests, uniting in resolution to the tension of opposites.

You don’t need a pill

  • to combine things that have never been associated before and come up with new meaning, application and value.
  • to nurture idea formation or to be open to experiment and take risks.

What you do need is courage, support, and trust within a system that builds and enables courage, support and trust.  Definitely doable, and it’s okay to start small.  Creativity is inborn and it would be great to finally put the planks in place that allow its free expression and judicious use.